The Armaan Foundation | Restoring Hope

Welcome to The Armaan Foundation

It’s time to provide a better future for the youth of our community. We decided to do our part for the kids. We realized that there is always more to be done. From raising awareness and funds to sponsoring the kids in activities and trips, we believe in providing equal opportunities for children in foster care.

What We Do

We work closely with AAHN’s place, an organization that partners with the state and serves as a Qualified Residential Treatment Program. The youth they serve have to meet spectific criteria to be placed at the Home and can remain in their care for several months. Our Foundation collects financial and physical donations to support these children as they work through this transitional time in their lives. Our aim is to support as many children as we can in Kansas.


Make a Difference

We created this foundation to give hope to the youth in our community’s foster care system. It’s time that all children received the same opportunities, regardless of their financial situation. You can make a difference by contributing both material and financial goods, which allow us to support children in need. Kids who want to go on school trips, join sports teams, learn a musical instrument, and more receive the help they need through us. Get in touch today to learn more about our program.